Dmytro Shavala


Dmytro Shavala, born in 1994 in Shklo, Ukraine, is an accomplished artist specializing in wooden sculptures. Currently based in Lviv, he mastered woodwork at the Joseph Stanko art school and the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Shavala's artistic journey includes participation in the "Fonderia Versiliese" workshop in Italy, where he delved into abstract sculpture.

His unique artistic approach involves combining diverse wood textures and tones with vivid, glossy colors, creating a harmonious blend of geometric shapes reminiscent of op-art. Shavala's sculptures, characterized by iterative elements converging around visual centers, skillfully navigate the boundary between painting and sculpture.

Dmytro Shavala's works are not confined to galleries; they have found homes in private collections across the United States, China, Great Britain, Italy, Australia, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Poland, and Spain. His artistic vision transcends borders, reflecting a global appreciation for his unique blend of form, color, and conceptual depth.